Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taylor and Owl City Collaboration?

Adam Young has stated in an interview with HitFix that he would like to collaborate with Taylor.

“I have talked to her. She’s so busy, but she said if there’s time, she said it’d be lot of fun,” Young explains. “There’s this weird hybrid country song I’m working on. There’s no title’cause I haven’t made any lyrics yet. But that would be the one.”

The pairing isn’t firm, though Owl City’s management said there’s definitely “talking among themselves” for a collaboration. A rep for Swift said the singer is on the road and unavailable for comment.

On its face, the idea wasn’t inconceivable to begin with. Swift has been known to Tweet to her pal, and even showed up in the VIP section of his show in New York last year. And Young has said that her “Love Story” is the best love song he’s known (and, no, the two have never dated).

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