T-Swift Beauty!

Taylor's Cat Eyes
You need a black eyeliner pencil and mascara. First, rim the edge of your upper eyelid right above your eyelashes with eyeliner (Be careful not to poke yourself in the eye). Next, retrace it, making a thicker line starting from the middle of your eye to the outer corners. Finish with a touch of mascara.Ta da!

Our Song Music Video Look

1.Start with the eyeshadow. Don’t be afraid: smooth a mint green cream shadow like NARS Cream Eyeshadow in Carioca all the way from your lashline to your brow. As long as you’ve picked a light enough shade, you will NOT look scary, I promise. If you’re lucky enough to have the matching powder shade (or close enough), set it with that. Use some black mascara and liner, subtly feathering the linerĂ‚ on both the top and bottom lids for a very romantic look.
2.Make it glitter. Get the tough stuff over with while you can clean up without ruining the rest of your makeup. Since we live in reality, unfortunately we can’t get away with jewel stick-ons like Taylor for our glitter. (Except if you’re 7 and at Libby Lu – then it’s okay.) Luckily, Too Faced Shimmer Veils are a great alternative that are still ultra-glam and high wattage – try it in Pixie Dust. Just spread the glitter starting from the inner corner of your eyes, through the crease and then blend the outer edge upward toward the end of your eyebrow. Go down a little under the outer edge of your eye too, if you’re brave – but if not, there’s no need.

3.Pump up the gloss. Don’t pick a colored lip gloss – there’s enough pizzazz in the eyes on this look. Just pick your shiniest clear gloss slather it over lip liner in your natural color. Ta-da!

Taylor's Curls

After shampooing, apply curl-boosting mousse or spray through all of your hair. Then, flip your hair upside down and blow dry. One at a time, grab 2-inch sections of your hair and curl. Try to get the curling iron as close to roots as possible. Hold each section for about 10 seconds with the curling iron, then release. Let your curls cool for a few minutes. Then , lightley spray all over with hairspray. If any curls are too big, separate with your fingers. Now, you'll have pretty waves just like Taylor!

Taylor's Cute Bun
1. If you hair is naturally curly, coat damp curls in smoothing cream and shake them out as they dry.
2. If your hair is naturally straight or wavy, use a 2-inch curling iron to curl it.

3. Gather your curls at the nape of your neck and use an elastic or bobby pins to secure it into a tousled bun.

4. Slip on a sparkly headband and mist your hair with strong-hold hairspray to finish the flirty look.

Taylor's Straight Hair
1. Apply smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry straight with a paddle brush.
2. Part your hair to the side, and use a flat iron to touch up any frizzy or wavy parts.

3. Spritz hair with shine spray and smooth it down with your palms to add a gorgeous sheen.

How to do a side bun and braid look like Taylor's
A small section of the hair is taken and separated into three parts. It is then braided nearest to the end. The centered hair of the three is held. Then there is the pushing up of the other two side hairs. This creates a design. Hair pin is used to attach the designed hair to the side of the head, leaving the end not platted. The remainder hair is grabbed into a side bun. The bun is loosely platted and crossed with hair pins until held firm. Parts of the bun are slightly pulled to create a messy look.

Taylor's Messy Bun

1. You're hair needs to be clean (preferably day old). If it's greasy, give it a wash and dry it so that it's ready to style an hour before you need to style it. This is to give your hair the chance to become less static and easy to style.

2. Brush your hair back into one hand and twist it into a messy bun. Hold this bun in place with your hand, and, with the other hand, pull two strands of hair from your bang/fringe area. Look at Taylor's hair for an idea of how thick these strands should be. Leaving these strands free, go back to your bun and secure it in place with either a hairband or a range of bobby pins/kirby grips. Take the secured bun in one hand and shake it free a little, allowing a few strands to be released for the authentic messy style Taylor has.

3. Part your bangs/fringe and heat up a curling iron. Curl the two strands you earlier released and curl them into ringlets - you can do this by curling the hair with the curling iron held vertically. I think a hairband like Taylor's really completes this look, but if you don't have one you can always add decorative hair-clips. If your hair doesn't hold styles well, hairspray is optional. And you're done :)

Taylor's Pretty Curls
1. Turn on a large curling iron and brush your hair whilst you wait for it. Heat defence is a good idea.

2. Clip the iron in place halfway down your hair (in 4 inch sections) and curl the hair backwards. Repeat this around your head for a simultaneous curl all over.

3. Taylor's hair is super shiny so use some holding spray then top the look with shine spray.