Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nashville Rising Concert: fan photos and story

I brought my 13 year old daughter, Sophie to the Nashville Rising concert. I had been trying to get her tickets for Taylor Swift forever, her most favorite singer in her long 13 years on this earth! She has been singing Taylor’s songs in every talent show at school or any place she can. Sophie runs down the stairs every time tickets open up for her concerts telling me how many minutes it took to sell out for the show!

The only tickets I could find available were the Nashville Rising Concert tickets. When I found out the seats she would want (the closer floor seats) were the seats that had to be bid on I didn’t have much hope of winning any. After I bid on them and was actually fortunate enough to win them I was afraid Sophie would not like it because of all the other country stars that would also be there. She “thinks” she is not a fan of country music but………I had been listening to her play along with Taylor Swift Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Uncle Kracker, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Miley Cyrus in her room. I told her I hated to break the news to her but “she has been listening to country music”!

I waited to give her the tickets on her 13th birthday at the beginning of June. It was her most favorite gift of the year! This was the first time I have ever done anything with my daughter – just the two of us and it was the most amazing night I can remember!! My husband is in the military and is an instructor at Fort Rucker, Alabama. He had class that week so I had to drive the kids (3) by myself to Kentucky to stay with my parents. They live 1 1/2 hours from Nashville so I guess we made it a concert and trip to grandmas house!

I got to see my 13 year old daughter who rarely gets off her Face Book, I pod, out of her room, give us a smile or laugh have the most amazing night of her life! That meant more to me than even getting to see Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan!! It was an awesome well put together concert. It was a very amazing and special night for us.

Thank you Taylor for being a part of this benefit. Without you we never would have even know about it. I really enjoyed Taylor’s performance but we also got amazing performances from so many others that evening. It was so great to see all the people that are willing to pitch in a and help their community. It is unfortunate we don’t have a lot more of those people to spread out around the USA!

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